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Second consecutive wins for the Lions

The Lions hit the road on Thursday towards Maine. Tonight, was the first game in a two-game series against the Mariners.

The Trois-Rivières Lions started this first perios intensely. The first penalty of this game was given to Nick Master for tripping and a few moments later Justin Ducharme also received 2 minutes for hooking. This penalty didn’t stop him from making the first goal in this game. He was assisted by Anthony Nellis and Olivier Archambault. Anthony Nellis and Peter Abbandonanto were the next to score. Lions took the lead at 3-on-1. Lions captain, Cédric  Montmigny scored the next goal for the Trois-Rivieres team. However, it wasn’t long before Lewis Zerter-Gossage scored his first goal of the game. At the end of the first period, Lions was leading on a 4-on-1.

The second period started with Shawn St-Amant’s goal. Shortly after St-Amant’s goal Lewis Zeter-Gossage scored 3 goals back-to-back and tie the game between the two teams. After only two periods of play the score was 6-on-6

Quickly at the start of the third period, Lewis Zeter-Gossage scored his 5th goal of the game. He was assisted by Justin Brazeau and Pascal Laberge. Mariners’ player Andrew Peski and Nate Kallen were next to received penalties. With just 30 seconds left in the last period, Olivier Archambault managed to tie this game. The Lions are therefore heading in overtime. Peter Abbandonato gave the victory to his team with his first hat trcik of the season.

The final score of this game is 8-on-7 for the Trois-Rivières Lions.

The Lions’ next game will be on this Sunday November 14th at 3 p.m. at the Cross Insurance Arena where the Lions will face the Mariners once again. The game will be streaming on Sport 91.9 

Lions next home game will be on wednesday Novemer 17th at 7 p.m. 

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