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First victory at home for the Lions

This afternoon was the second game between the Lions and the Reading Royals.

The Reading Royals quickly opened the scoring early in the first period. The forward, Thomas Ebbing was assisted by his teammate Jared Brandt weas the one to score. Royals’ number 27, Joshua Winquist received a penalty for tripping. Shortly after, Arsen Khisamutdinov was the first to pen the scoring for the Lions. He was assisted by Anthony Nellis and Justin Ducharme. At the end of the second period, it was a tie between the 2 teams.

The first penalty of the second period came late and was awarded the goalie Kevin Poulin, but it was served by Olivier Archambault. Less than 30 seconds later it was Lions’ captain turn to receive a penalty for delaying the game. It was then a 5 against 3 in favour of the Royals.

Shortly after surviving a 5-pn-3, Brayden Low found the back of the net. The second period ended with a 2-on1 score for the Royals Quickly early in the third period, the Lions tied the game it was Olivier Archambault’s turn to score, he was assisted by Arsen Khishamutdinov. Following a penalty given to Mathieu Brodeur for high stick, the Royals took the opportunity to score. Patrick Bajkov scored his 5th of the season. Justin Ducharme scored his first goal of the season accompanied by Anthony Nellis and assistant captain Mathieu Gagnon. With 3 minutes left in the final period, the Royals received a penalty for hooking. At the end of the third period, it was 3-on-3. The game between the Lions and the Royals went on overtime.

The overtime wasn’t enough for either of the teams. The match continued in shootouts. On the Lions’ side were Justin Ducharme, Arsen Khisamutdinov, Peter Abbandonato, Shawn St-Amant and Cam Hillis. On the Royals’ side were Matthew Strome, Patrick Bajkov, Joshua Gerard and Jacob Pritchard.

Cam Hillis finally gave his team the victory.

The next game at home will be on November 17th at the Vidéotron Coliseum at 7 p.m.

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